As an educator, a mom, and a writer, I live a lot of my days in children’s literature.  So I want to welcome you to my site, where you can learn not only a bit more about children’s literature, but also about my journey writing and rewriting (and rewriting) my novel.  

A little bit about me…

Nerdy Lit Professor. Neurodiversity Advocate. MG writer of stories. Mom. Dogs over cats, always. Gryffindor rules!  Chocolate above all else.

As a child, Kim Cohen lost entire days reading books and dodging her mom’s pleas to play outside.  When her mom did catch up to her, she’d end up digging holes in the backyard (to the dismay of her dad), but she couldn’t resist digging when the holes would magically fill in with water.  Her voracious love of learning and books meant she had seven different majors in college and didn’t stop there.  She earned a Ph.D. in English, focusing on women’s literature and food.  She currently teaches Children’s Literature to education majors at an online accredited university.  After a long stint in the midwest, she returned to live in her home state of New York, setting down roots in the Hudson Valley with her husband, her son, her rescued Weimeraner/Lab, and 6 chickens.


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